2018 – Finish things.

2017 – the year of “make things” was a great success. While updating the website, I noticed  that there was a lot of work with the year date of 2017. I made a lot of work, I exhibited in 6 shows, and kept up a regular studio practice while balancing my work/artist/home life responsibilities. What a full and creative year.

2018 – the new year has started out busy, with an exhibition installation and two visiting lectures within the first few weeks of the semester.  I’ve also starting edition relief blocks carved by Nashville artist, Marylin Murphy (check out her work here). Assisting me in this commission printing job is my former student worker, Jake Lee (check out his work here).  I’ve also starting reworking the Palau Woman of High Rank mixed media piece and it is looking so much better.

I must admit I’m looking forward to continuing to take each day under the “Make Things” mantra and see what I produce in and out of the studio.