Backspace: Move In Make Art

Yesterday, I was at Bradley University after work. You know, just walking around  and seeing who was in and what they were up to.  I made my rounds from area to area…chit chatting here…chit chatting there. So it’s normal that I would run into Heather Brammeier, Professor of Painting and one of the executive members of Backspace Collective. She handed me a key.  A key to the Backspace Gallery on Main Street.  I was clear to move in and begin my residency.


The Key!  The Power!  The Absolute Authority to make art in a space designated for me!  I must be dligent to not let this power make me greedy.  I must work diligently to remain humble.  I must remember to breath.

I knew these would come in handy some day!

Heather told me about how hot the front office of Backspace gets because of the large windows.  So I brought down the five panels from the collaboration with Mary Beth Koszut.  They were a briliant idea!!!!


The five panels covered the windows perfectly.

It was time to start making art.  I taped down a sheet of BFK and started drawing…hanging lights and my jellyfish start my time at Backspace.  Its was something familiar and something I’ve missed for awhile.

It's a work in progress...


A good start?





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