Book Bound and Determined Pt2

It’s no secret that in the last four months, I’ve found it difficult to be in my studio. What started out as a resting period as I transitioned to work-from-home change in my employment became an avoidance of doing anything that was in some form focused on myself as the Black Lives Movement revved up following the murders of George Floyd and other black Americans like Breonna Taylor.

There was a nagging sense of guilt that I being in the studio making work about myself felt selfish and I felt the need to be more observant of the world and listen to those who were protesting racisms and police brutality.

It wasn’t until about two weeks ago when I forced myself to get back in my studio and make something. My hands needed to be moving again. I started preparing materials and binding books for others. What started as binding sketchbooks for the class of 2020 Vanderbilt art majors, has expanded to accept orders from friends from all over.

I am “book bound and determined” as my friend and fellow artist, Erin Jones Martin coined my bookbinding sessions back in 2019. Currently, twenty books have been bound and shipped or are in the works.

You can see the books in the “Bookbinding: 2019-present” gallery of the website.