Artist Books (2008-present)

Untitled, 2023
triangle accordion artist book
collaboration with printmaker Kaleena Stasiak


Fragmented Memories of Home, 2023
star accordion and stencil monoprints
collaboration with Meredith Ahmed


The Leftover Castaways, 2023
coptic binding with stencil monotprints/monotype
collaboration with Jeannette Lang


Deface Vol. 1, 2021.
accordion structure with digital photographs, disposable facemasks,davey board, matteboard, and tyvex
6in x 4in x (closed)
6in x 82.5in (open)


The Women Walked for the Islands, 2020.
Accordion fold/concertina book with graphite, color pencil on Rives BFK tan and banana leaf paper
5.75in x 24.5in.


VOTE. I WILL. I MUST., 2020.
Accordion book with gouache on Rives BFK White. 4.75in x 3.5in x 24in.
Four-flap casing, perm-dur folder stock with ribbon. 4.75in x 3.75in x 0.5in


accordion, 2011.
monoprint, color pencil, accordion fold


Journal Entries, 2008-2009
accordion fold, gouache, color pencil on Rives BFK white, decorative paper, book board
(approx) 2in x 3.25in x 18.5in


fishing boat, 2008.
pop up book.


organisms, 2008.
clamshell box with accordion books


amidst, 2008.
theater book with inkjet print, vellum, and Japanese decorative paper.



Anticipation before We Depart, 2008.
French binding with decorative paper, paper lithography, mono print, pen and ink.
54 pages, 6.25 in x 8 in x 0.75 in.