Both Sides of the Brain – Portfolio Exchange Update.

finished my edition for the portfolio (2012)

I was invited to be a participant in a exchange portfolio revolving around the ideas of Duality and the technique of mezzotint.

Aaron Coleman, graduate student at Northern Illinois University, organized this portfolio and I feel very lucky to be included with a great group of artists spanning 7 countries.

I found the websites for the majority of these artist:  Check them out and drool like I did. Seriously.  I keep looking at their work and I can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy and over whelming adoration.

Okay…seriously…check them out.


Here is the list of confirmed participants!
10. Linda Whitney
13. Jerry Phillips
These people are amazing. Literally.  I feel very honored to have been given the opportunity be associated with these individuals.
Humbled is a better word.  Yes, I’m extremely humbled.
– Jerry



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