Chiyogami Suite – S.R.Kissebaugh

My beautiful and talented other-sister-in-law, approached me several years ago with an opportunity. She asked if I would allow her to use several of my pieces as the inspiration for some piano arrangements she would be working on. Of course, I immediately said, “Yes!”  I told her to go through one of my online portfolios and  feel free to select anything she liked.

In her words, “When I began writing Chiyogami Suite, I was struggling to find inspiration. As a vocalist and a composer of many vocal pieces, I was used to having a text to work with. Inspiration finally did come, but not through text. This time, I found inspiration through the works of art of a friend of mine, Jerry Philips. Each movement of the suite is based on one of his pieces by the same title. The term “chiyogami” is used to describe a type of brightly colored, decorative Japanese paper.” – Stephanie R. Kisselbaugh,

Listen to the compositions and see the paired images in this link that she uploaded.



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