Dream State

Have you ever had dreams with images that leave a strong impression in your mind even after waking?  Long after the details of why these images make sense in your dream have faded, they exude a presence so noticeable that you keep seeing them throughout your daily routine.

Brief encounters while walking down the street; surfing through the television stations; or flipping through magazines collecting on the side table in your bathroom, all seem mundane to most people.  I found myself caught off guard as an image from my dream flashes on the TV for just a second and I spend the following several minutes desperately trying to recall the significance that image held in my dream state.

Planes, over growing foliage, silhouettes, and flowing movements of color all exist in this subconscious world of mine.  I imagine this interior world of my thoughts to be a submerged in water, but I think my affinity for anything related to water is an over riding instinctual impulse I project on everything.

Now I’m visually collecting these images, creating an archive in my mind and in a folder.  If you find any interesting image of planes, bridges, plants, silhouettes and references to various bodies of water, please send them my way!

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