In the works!

 I have a solo show coming up quickly in Bloomington.  Illinois Wesleyan University has graciously given me a spot in their small gallery and the work i am making for the space are monotype images with hand painted gouache accents.

During the Spring Term at IWU, I had the priviledge to step into the shoes of Constance Estep, printmaker and fulltime faculty as she left for a sabbatical leave.

I found out that she has her students work in Monotype, a method I myself have not used much in my own work.

I had some fun demo-ing and working along side the kids in the studio.  I had so much fun that I decided to  make my show  a reflection of my time there.  Monotype and imagery I manage to reclaim from dreams before I forget them when waking up will fuse to make some pretty beautiful imagery.

The image to the right  is just one of the number I have started and I feel that this is a good beginning to a something new in how I approach my work.

Do not fret dear friends, the rocker still holds my heart as my primary plate preparation tool.  The mezzotint will be making a return, and very soon…now that wedding season has ended.  I survived it and can see more of my time being devoted to “makin’ pictures.”