I’ve been busy this year…

A lot has happened since the last post:


April 16, 2021 I was panelist of two artists invited to speak about our work  for the Vanderbilt Indigenous Scholars Organization started by two students leaders.  I presented along with artist/educator/colleague Jana Harper.

Vanderbilt ISO 2021

On April 20, 2021  I was one of four panelists during an event for the “This is what you can do with an art degree!” event as part of the Patricia Summerville Lecture Series hosted by the Murray State University Department of Art & Design’s Printmaking area.  Nicole Hand, Assistant Dean of College of Humanities & Fine Arts; Professor of Art & Design in Printmaking invited four of her former students to talk about life after graduating, our career paths, and how our time at Murray State and our degrees have helped us created a fulfilling life.

The panelists were Madeline Bartley, David Honaker, Rachel Mauser,  and myself.

Around this time, I was asked by Jana Harper if I would be interested in joining an Indigenous Studies Seminar Group (consisting of Vanderbilt Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students).  Of course, I said  “Yes.”

Each week during May 2021, we meet for about an hour and listen to each other share our stories.  On May 13, 2021, I was able to present a more paired-down story of Micronesia and highlighting the nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands and how that helped propel Palau’s fight for self-determination.

On May 20, 2021 I was invited to meet with a group of high school students with the Frist Teens ArtLab program via a virtual format.  I demonstrated how I draw using color pencils (Col-erase pencils) and a little bit of graphite.  It the demonstration went by very quickly and the group ended up staying logged in an extra hour as students were very enthused to share their drawings and sketchbooks with me and Shaun Giles, the program director.


During the fall 2019, I was contacted and asked if I was interesting in leading a  bookbinding workshop with Arrowmont  School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. I told them I was interested and now have a workshop set for August 15-August 20, 2021.


In addition to this, I was included in the 2021 Instructors Exhibition that opened on May 10, 2021 in the galleries at Arrowmont.  Women Walked for the Islands, the artist book I made earlier this year is on view with 72 other artist.


I have a solo exhibition lined up for August 16 – September 24, 2021 in Gallery 121 of the Leu Center for the Visual Arts at Belmont University.  I was invited by Director of Galleries, Katie Mitchell, and am very excited to develop this exhibition as a cohesive story that connects the varied approaches I have used to make art  since 2001.

And finally, I am a sponsor of an art competition with other Palauan artist/creatives and businesses.  To foster a strong sense of Palauan identity and pride as the graduates (both high school and undergraduate) of 2021 enter their next phase in their education and in life, we wanted to pool our collective skills and offer prizes to some up coming Palauan artists.

Among the sponsors (a few logos are in the featured banner above) are Tabol Michael and Inbetween Seasons: a book of poetry and art; Olokoi, a Palauan owned sauce company; 680 Movement, a Paluan music production company; Shay Color Way, a talented Paluan painter; Riya Davis, a powerhouse Palauan recording artist,  Hella Palauan, a Palauan fashion line; Wizz Fiyah, Palauan recording artist;  and myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing the entries at the end of June!