New work – The Cowboy Lives on



Cowboy Suitehas grown to 8 pieces and it looks to be a continuing series.  I kid you not, I finished pieces 6-8 last night after hours of battling with them. I refused to give up this gun fight and walk away a loser.

I got frustrated and put on Maroon 5’s “Mooves Like Jagger” on repeat followed by Breathe Carolina’s “Blackout.” In no time the tables had turned… I was the victor.

The dust cloud cleared and the only one standing before me was the framing.  Done and done…I walked away without any injuries.


To the Gallery 5 and 8 went (Prairie Center of the Arts) while 6 and 7 were dressed in small desk frames awaiting their gifting to my boss’s bosses.  Once again, I am victorious in the art framing/hanging world!

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