Rechad er Belau – Catapult Creative House – March 2024

Rechad er Belau
Jerry Bedor Phillips

March 1-29, 2024
Catapult Creative House
Southeastern Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“Rechad er Belau, or Palauans, are the indigenous people of Belau, the traditional name by which we call our nation, which is now known as the Republic of Palau.”



As a landlocked Pacific Islander, Second-generation Palauan American, raised in a small Kentucky town of Hopkinsville, my personal identity has always lain somewhere in the cross-section of these contradictory terms. My studio practice is rooted in the exploration of these concepts and how they relate to each other and myself, starting first with me, then branching outside of myself to my sisters, my parents, my extended family, and finally to my family’s involvement in Palauan culture and history.

The imagery is pulled from family photos, memories both from my immediate family I experienced as well as memories of individual family members and events I have inherited through my mother’s line. My mother’s family was heavily involved in Palau’s self-determination and is reflected in the research into that specific history.