It’s been awhile since I have updated with what I’ve been doing in the studio.  Here’s the gist of it:

1. Finished the Exchange portfolio piece for Aaron Coleman’s “Both Sides of the Brain” Portfolio

” 8 Seconds from Home” 2012 – The completed print for “Both Sides of the Brain” Portfolio


2. Went to New Orleans for Southern Graphics Printmaking Conference and explored some of the city and had some beignets at Cafe Du Monde; ate at Emeril’s Nola; and met some new/reunited with lots of printmaking friends/colleagues.

Stereotypical Tourist Photo 1


View from the Hotel window. 49 Floors above street level (Top floor Sheraton on Canal)


In front of Cafe du Monde! Stereotypical Tourist Photo 2


Pork Shank at Emeril’s NOLA


It’s the NOLA sign!


Nicole Geary and Jerryfish: Twitter friends become real life friends!


3. Started some monotype backgrounds for some more pieces, but put that aside when today I decided that I really like the the way the “8 Seconds from Home” turned out and while driving home from dropping of work at the UP (Underground Press) Gallery in Termont, Illinois, I told myself I should really consider doing this more.  I’m starting out with revisiting older plates from my undergrad and applying the techniques used for the “Both Sides of the Brain” portfolio.  I’m calling this new project “Revisitation.”  I’m hoping to make work that makes a bridge between my past work and the new ideas that spawned “Dream State.”

Started the new Revisitation project using the second mezzotint i’ve ever made and one of the last mezzotints made for my BFA exhibition.


4. The Dream State work has come down from it’s 2 months stay at One World Cafe and has found a new temporary home at UP (Underground Press) Gallery in Tremont, Illinois for the  First Friday Event.  Many thanks to Steve Kuppinger and John Swise for inviting me to exhibit work in their fantastic space!  I’m also (in a way) reunited with my friend, Lauren Macko! (not in person, but her paintings will be hanging next to my work)…excitement is building! I can’t wait for Friday night!

Underground Press coasters advertising the First Friday Event! There’s my name!





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