Some Studio Updates!

Location: Backspace Gallery, 606 Rear Main Street, Peoria, IL

Time frame:  4pm to about 930pm

I haven’t spent a lot of time working on some art in a while.  The last two weeks, I was lazily getting ready for the annual Moss Avenue Sale, here is Peoria.  It’s a rather large yard sale of types, where a good percentage of the city shows up to sale off items and/or come and buy such items.

Cassandra Lawlor (graduate student in Ceramics here at Bradley University) and I both signed up for a plot of land (someone’s yard) in which we put on display a selection of our work and anxiously waited to see if the public would be willing to purchase anything.  We did fairly well.  I sold about half the small handmade books I produced and a handful of prints and a gouache painting. I made a little over $350 profit that day. I’m not sure what Cassie pulled in, but she was selling regularly throughout the day.   I think we both agreed that we had a good day.

Days pass and I only go to Backspace to check on my ivy plant.  I decided this plant was a boy and I gave hime the name Samsonite.  There is no real reason behind this decision.  This morning I popped in to see if he needed watering and I was greeted with a surprise…



Samsonite has friends!



After work I managed to work on the goauche drawing a bit more clearing up some messy edges in the Jellyfish and solidifying some of the tendrils.



I made some progress to this guy.



Not as much progress as I was hoping for but I have a great reason why I was somewhat unproductive.


I present my distraction….


Meet Charles Barkley (get it?)…Charlie for those who know him.




Meet Charles Barkley. Charlie for short. He was my guest studio buddy after work today.


Charlie is a doberman puppy. He’s very quiet and somewhat timid, that is until he gets used to you.



Needless to say,  a good majority of my time in the studio today was spent exactly like the picture below.



*sings* In Your Eyes….




Great reason to put off working on art, right? Right? Don’t Judge Me!


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