Student Work: Section in the Works

Nick Younglove, charcoal/graphite, 2009


I started going through what pictures of my student projects I had. Those of you  who know me, remember how devastated when I had lost my Bradley University USB drive President Glasser gave me as a gift. That little device had well over 100 images I had taken.   I thought my entire teaching career was lost.

Thanks to my somewhat not idiotic self, I discovered a good majority of those files in my external hard drive connected to my desktop.  I’m still looking for that usb drive as I believe it is floating around my apartment under a pile of junk.  I will find it sometime in the future.

Now that I have some proof that  I have been teaching courses, I decided to start a Student Work section of my website.   Work from my Beginning drawing students are up and I’m getting some student bookbinding projects ready to post soon.

Please take a look through as I’m very proud having taught these students when they were just mere freshmen and sophomores.  It’s also very surreal to realize that some of these students have graduated with their bachelor’s degree this past May and are on to bigger/better things.




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