The Argus – Illinois Wesleyan University Newspaper Feature


I finally got a hold of a copy of the January 20, 2012 issue of The Argus and I didn’t realize that the article I was interviewed for was a front page feature with color photos!  The article is short but I really thought it was a good write up.  Today has been a good day. I went to IWU met with Carmen and the IWU gallery crew, took down my show, packed it in my car, Carmen treated me to a medium Vanilla Chai from The Dugout on IWU’s campus, then I hit up the Chipotle and back to Peoria I headed!

9 pieces of the show have been selected to hang on the walls of One World Cafe in Peoria, Illinois.  I hang the work Monday, February 6th.
Be on the look out for some prep photos of a new mezzotint.  I’ve been invited to participate in a portfolio by Aaron Coleman, graduate student of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.  The line up of participating artists includes many people I know and admire.  It should be a fantastic folio of work.

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