The Funny Thing With Finals is….

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011

Location: Starbucks in Campustown (corner of University and Main) Peoria, IL.


My students are non-art majors this semester and several signed up for this course as they were told it was lecture based and they had to show up, take notes and complete exams.   Little did they know, they had to actually produce work.

One by one they arrived at their designated time slot of 5 minutes and I presented each with their semester portfolio.  Beginning with their first drawing, I asked them what their initial thoughts were.  They had not laid eyes on it sicne the week they turned it in at the very beginning of the semester.  I was very surprised when every single one of them began to critique themselves.

They applied some critical thought into why they were either happy or not happy with their drawing and I let them continue.  I heard words like: scale, linear quality, shape, and form.  Suggestions on how to improve what they had a started followed along the lines of using of the page, drawing with stronger marks, and not second guessing.

I was very happy to see these students happily talk about their works using terminology learned during the semester.  I was one proud instructor.


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