This Is Colossal: Goldfish Salvation

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I ran across a blog that I have fallen in love with. This is Colossal is an Art and Design based blog run by Christopher Jobson, based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Updated regularly, Chris finds the most innovative, visually aesthetically pleasing pieces of art and design being produced around the world.  I have spent hours upon hours at home in the evening going through archives of his posts.

I’ve spammed my friends facebook walls with links to specific posts I think are something they would like or feel would help their unique work.

I found this blog through a link a friend had posted in which a friend wrote: “I was about to call PETA but then I watched the video at the bottom of the page.”

The photos I saw depicted goldfish in wooden boxes, bowls and other containers and they appeared to have been cased in resin. No wonder my friend felt the need to call PETA.

Japanese Artist, Riusuke Fukahori, created these frozen scenes of schools of gold fish by painting them.  Yes, PAINTING them.  watch the video…it’s quite amazing.  I highly recommend watching and repeating the 1:00 to 1:15 mark.  Truly amazing.


To watch the video go here: Riusuke Fukahori Video

To browse This is Colossal go here: This is Colossal – Art and Design Blog




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