Update: Books and Newest Mezzotint….

I was asked to make two books.  Both of which were for Sara Stewart and Sarah Zaleski, both MFA candidates installing their thesis exhibitions as I type this blog entry.  I haven’t made a book in a while and I’ll admit that life has been getting to me. Aside from financial obligations with living life post-school and personal issues I’ve been having some aspects of life I never really thought would bother me…I’ve set aside making art for a bit.  I’ve been staying somewhat productive…having a show at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, and seeing the work travel form exhibition space to exhibition space and starting some new projects.

But book making has come and it’s lit a metaphorical fire under my butt.  I’ve been averaging at least one completed book a night the past week.  I’ve all these scraps of printing paper, decorative, paper, small bits of book board, and book cloth in bags and piled up on my tables at home. I decided instead of throwing out what most people would, I was going to make beautiful books out of them.  The average size of these are about 3in. x 5in.  I must say for things headed for the dumpster, their second chance at life has been beautiful.

I wonder when my life will cease to be a hardship of labor and minimal income to one of smooth sailing where I can financially take care of my obligations and still have money to spend on art related adventures.

I also think I’ve got a new mezzotint worth editioning….

“collapse” 2012, mezzotint, Final Proof?


hopefully, I’ll have some more of the “Revisitation” work finished or at least in progress to share.


as for now… later folks!

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