Update: New Series of work started; New Jerryfish Exhibition and the Return of a Familiar Face

I’ve been really busy with creating some new paintings that have spawned a New Series of work.  I’ve never really used people in my work before, which is odd, since the work is about people and culture.


These are just  three of the more recent pieces I’ve been working on.  It’s depictions of myself and my two sisters as we used to look like…before we, well, grew up.  Nudibranchs popped up in an older painting and have resurfaced to act as animal symbols.  To my siblings, I described them as “protectors”.   What they are protecting us from, I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

They are extremely vibrant in saturated colors and this is completely new to me.  I’ve never work with colors this bright before.  Its’ exciting and fun.


Broha 1 of 3, gouache, 2013 – in progress



Broha 2 of 3, gouache, 2013 – in progress



Broha 3 of 3, gouache, 2013 – in progress



I must say we have killer foot gear on.  Even if, I had to make up the shoes for my sisters.




In Other News, I have a show opening this Saturday in Downtown Nashville.  A small Gallery Space, new to the Nashville scene, caught my work at Vanderbilt University’s Space 204 and asked me to show the work for the month of September.  If you missed the show at Space 204, this is a second chance to see it next door to the Big Art Gallery street in Nashville.JerryBodorPhillipsinvite-small



Other Exhibitions of interest that night:

Adrienne Miller – http://www.adrienne-miller.com

Murray State Alumni and good friend will be returning to Nashville for the weekend to show a body of new work.  This work continues to show Adrienne’s growth as an artist as she continues into her second year of Graduate Studies at Northern Illinois University.


Check out her Promo on the ThreeSquared Gallery website and come and see the work and meet her in person on Saturday as well!

ThreeSquared Gallery – http://threesquaredgallery.com/not-quite-how-i-remember-it



Saturday is going to be a pretty nice night for art lovers and appreciators.

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