Three-dimensional Work

Operation Stalemate II, 2016
paper, wood, rice, aluminum, steel
43in x 68in x 11in


7.00º N, 134º 15′ E, 2016.
paper, wood, fabric, 40 sec video with sound (looped)
86in x 75in x 72in.


Internal Sight, 2015.
paper with light
(aprox.) 20in x 20in x 10in


nineteen seventy eight 2016 (image 1, right)
nineteen seventy nine, 2016 (image 1, left)
nineteen eighty two, 2016 (image 2, right)
nineteen eighty four, 2016 (image 2, left)
paper, wood
39in x 38in x 8in


Way, 2016
paper, wood, aluminum washers
38in x 39in x 16in


Transparent Barriers (wayfinder, coral, blue spotted ray, money bead necklace), 2017
laser etched plexiglass, wood, rice, aluminum, LED lighting
13.75in x 12in x 12in