The last two months have seen some exciting news. After I was asked to be the artist in residence by the Backspace Collective, I jumped at the chance  for a fall instructor position with a new gallery in Dunlap, Illinois.  Lisabeth Pearce, owner and gallerist, put out a call for people in the area interested in teaching classes through the education program at Pearce Gallery. I, immediately, emailed her my interest as soon as I could.  A week later, I was given a chance to meet her and see the space. She glanced through my portfolio and offered me an exhibition this coming February with a possibility of a Valentine Bookbinding workshop to tie with it. Yes, I know…very exciting news indeed. Our meeting continued with discussion of class options. Before I knew it, I was given the choice of teaching four 10 week course: Three adult evening classes and one afternoon for kids. I felt really good about this and I left thinking, “with these classes and the two at Bradley University, and my job at the Packard Plaza…I’m going to be a very busy guy, come August.”

My work load for the upcoming academic semester was full.

Then I saw a notice on a friend’s facebook wall. I knew she was leaving her job at an academic institution to pursue her Master’s Degree. She informed the Facebook world her job was opening up and the Human Resources Department will post the description and accept applications for only 5 days.

I sent my friend my resume` via email and proceeded to start the application process through the school’s website.  Here is the check list:

1. created username and password for Application site. —> Check

2. Provide all the general information about myself  —–> Check

3. Provide all information about education history —–> Check

4. Provide all information about work history ——> Check

5. Include at least 3 references from previous work experiences —–> Check (I gave them at least 4….maybe 5)

6. Submit and upload resume` —–> PDF file attached and edited down version copy pasted in text box provided. —-> Check

7. Submit and upload Cover Letter —–> DAMN IT!  I HAVE TO WRITE A COVER LETTER?!

8.  Save Application at it’s current stage of completion. —–> Check

9. FREAK OUT! —-> Check

Cover Letters – A collection of ordered words that only take up a small amount of space, yet…is intended to make the applicant appear extremely qualified.  It’s not supposed to be long winded but direct.  My trouble is I can get very long winded when trying to describe anything.  I will not lie.  This cover letter took me two days to write.  It’s still a little lengthy but I managed to address the job descripiton and hopefully what the Department is looking for.

A friend told me what she had learned in her Pedagogy class last semester.  The applicant who got the Sabbatical replacement position in Printmaking at Bradley University  years ago wrote a cover letter that landed him the job.  Without any indulgence, He wrote how he was qualified  for every (if not the majority) of points the job description listed.  He was very direct.  He was very brief.  I know this guy, and I remembered Heather telling my class this very example, as well.

I spent two hours the very last evening the job would be posted writing this confounded cover letter at a chill local bar, sitting by the windows under some hanging lamps.  My Pedagogy Course binder opened to the section on cover letters, and my netbook on the table with the default writing program up on the monitor.  Systematically, I went down the job description and bluntly type how qualified I was and how my work experience was proof I could handle each criteria.

Several edits later, I saved the file.   I upload it to the school application with a copy/paste version in the provided text box…click save application.

One more glance over the entire application to ensure the most up to date accuracy, and I hit “submit”.   A screen pops up with a confirmation that my application has been submitted for review.

I felt my stomach drop.  I felt nauseous.   It was out of my hands.  I just applied to a big boy job.

A week or two goes by.  I get a call from the Human Resources Office regarding the job, and they want to set up a 10 minute phone meeting.  All I could think, “I got a call back.”  O_O


I schedule it for the following Monday.  The weekend passes and the Monday of the phone meeting arrives. I’m at work awaiting 4:30 appointment.  Around 1pm I received a call/voicemail from the school.  It’s not from the HR Department but from the Art Department instead.  I was called to set up an appointment for Thursday, July 12 for an interview.

As far as I knew, this was a three part process.  Apply, HR meeting, then Department Interview.    I was confused, but I’ll go with it.

So the next day (yesterday), I packed up some clothes and drove down to stay with a friend awaiting this interview.  I’m typing this up in my friend’s house, one I could potentially moving into.

My interview is tomorrow.


Wish me luck!

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